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A young Lady walking back and forth waiting for the pregnancy test to get finishing, The young lady run her figures through her short but yet long black hair with her brownish red eyes twitching cause it have not yet got finish yet

What the hell taken so long for this Test to get finishes?!?!! Hikari said madly.

She started walking back and forth waiting for it to get finish.

Then the pregnancy test let out a beep to show her that it is finishes So she walk up to it and it shows a like plus sign showing her that she is pregnant with none other then Sasuke Uchiha himself.

I got to find away to tell Sasuke I am pregnant with his child, But without Karin listen to me telling him. Hikari thinking.

You are walking out of your hotel room were you and Sasuke share the same room and were you two made love to each other a week ago, Hikari turned right to go find Sasuke Uchiha and to tell him about the news, Then Hikari turn another way and See Sasuke and rest of Taka which Hikari see Karin
rubbing against him which is made her sick a sick that telling her to rip her into pieces.

Hey uh Sasuke I need to talk to you right quick. Hikari said

Okay. Sasuke said then he gets up and walk out.

You followed after him out, when you to got far enough from anyone can hear you too talking.

S-Sasuke do you remember that night what we did? Hikari asked him

Yeah, and I fully know that your with our Child Hikari so you don't have to worry, I am taken you to the hidden leaf village where I know you will be safe at, and where you stay till I Come back to get you Hikari, And also Hikari we are leaving at dawn, and you will tell the leaf that I made you go and that you did not want to go with me. Sasuke said.

Hikari standing looking at Sasuke wide eyes and month.

H-How did you find out? Hikari asked

I knew you would get pregnant after that night with our child Hikari I always wanted you when we were kids back then and I wanted you to help me restore my clan the way it was. Sasuke said.

Hikari then got up and hold onto Sasuke and cuddles to him.

I will do anything that you ask me to do Sasuke because I love you since the day I saw you. Hikari said to Sasuke.

Which Sasuke smirks and walk Hikari to there room to with her to sleep with her and enjoy there moments together before Hikari have to go back to the Hidden Leaf village.


Hikari and Sasuke was the first too to get up which wen rest of Taka got up Karin got up and ran to Sasuke rubbing against him which is annoying Sasuke and Hikari but when Sasuke sees how Hikari looking at Karin like she is going to rip her into Pieces.

Karin Get off me now. Sasuke said very rude.

she then got off of Sasuke, And Sasuke Look at Hikari and pull her too him protectively and warp his arm around her waist.

Why is she allowed to be like rubbing and cuddle with you Sasuke and not me huh?!? What makes her so Special huh?! You can have someone is much more better then her like me!! She is a Sl*t she always around Jugo every time you are gone!! Karin yells where all of them hears it.

Number one is because I love her and you are just annoying, number to is because she is special is she is with our child, number 3 she is better then any other woman  out there, number 4 you are the sl*t not her, number 5 Jugo protects because he knows and everyone else besides you, Number 6 Never ever call her that again , she is special, she can rub, cuddle with me all she wants, and she is everything to me, and the next time you say that type of stuff again or try to do anything to her I will kill slow and most painful way. Sasuke said very dangerously   at Karin.

Then everyone started walking away from Karin which is standing there glare right into the back of Hikari planning something to her. when the baby is born and to the baby to.

Hidden Leaf Village:

Sasuke pulled Hikari right to him and kissed her and huge her close to him, and he break away from the kiss and put his forehead against Hikari forehead.

Hikari Be careful, I really love yo Hikari and our unborn child, an don't forget anything. Sasuke said.

then Sasuke and all of Taka left Hikari there in front of the hidden leaf village gates which by now some of then noticed her and came out ready to attack her but Hikari just stand there looking at them seeing there will hurt her if she so much to move, right then The five Hokage came up to her and look at. her.

Why have you come back Hikari?!? Huh? Lady Tsunade Asked.

I left because I did not want to go with Sasuke when he left the hidden leaf village and he forced me to go with him. Hikari said trying to keep her and the baby safe till Sasuke comes back from her.

Then Lady Tsunade told Hikari to follow her which she did all the way to the Hospital which Lady Tsunade tested Hikari herself.

Hey Hikari have you had sex any while you was away?

N-No I was raped Lady Tsunade. Hikari said

By who? Lady Tsunade asked

S-Sasuke Uchiha. Hikari said in a sobbing way ( to make it look real.)

Come with me Hikari. Lady Tsunade said

O-Okay Lady Tsunade. Hikari said

She got up to walk with Tsunade, And Tsunade put Hikari in a safe house that day and had a few Anbu watching over Hikari and watching her till the baby is born.

9 months Later:

Hikari is sitting down in the chair in the hokage's office rubbing her 9 month baby bump which is big, Lady Tsunade is working on her paper work and also keeping an eye on Hikari at the same time, Then Hikari Water broke.

Lady Tsunade my water just broke!! I Don't know what to do, What do I do?!!? Hikari ask/said

Clam down Hikari its alright let us get you to the Birth room where we fixed up for you!! Tsunade yelled

the guy in the room pick up Hikari up bridal style and carried her into that one room and played her onto the bed.

2 hours later:

Hikari was sitting with her baby boy in her arms that look just like Sasuke with a little brown tint in his eyes.

I will name you Kon Uchiha, Your father be so proud to see you my Little Kon. Hikari said to her new born baby.

Is that our child Hikari? someone asked.

Hikari was so surprise to see Sasuke standing there looking at her and there new born child.

Yes he is our child Sasuke, I missed you so much., do you want to hold him? Hikari said/asked

I miss you to so much Hikari, yes I want to hold him.

Hikari handed Sasuke there baby Sasuke sit there and rocking the baby back and forth wit Sasuke smiling warm hearted and Hikari smiling back warm hearted to her man and there child.

Hikari We did good and you did good, I Love you Hikari. Sasuke said.

Yeah we did good, Thanks, I Love you to Sasuke. Hikari said.

Sasuke then got up with there baby and walk over to Hikari and lay right beside her in the bed with there in between them and they all went to sleep, they all that night have peaceful dreams, sleep, the best thing ever it is they all cuddling and holding each other with love aura around them.

The End!

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Hey guys ho y'all doing. And I am kinda a artist but then I am not I don't really draw anymore. I draw when I am really really bored. Or when I am not writing a story.

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